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A Dazzling Star that Goes Platinum Every Day: The Silver Bismarck

A prince of a palm with big fans: See why ArtisTree Landscape gives it rave reviews.

Presented by ArtisTree Landscape March 5, 2019

 Stout with platinum silver fronds tinged with blue, the noble Silver Bismarck turns heads like no other. This elegant fan palm named after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is the prince of Southwest Florida landscapes, and for very good reason. Its massive crown of saucer-like fronds almost glows in lush, dark-green settings. Even its lineage from the diverse palm flora of Madagascar gives the Silver Bismarck a distinctive royal stature.

Let’s start with those giant, nearly round fronds. They’re a striking platinum silver and grace a muscular trunk that’ll grow up to 60 feet tall. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another specimen that’s as centerpiece-worthy. Evergreen and drought-tolerant, your Silver Bismarck will thrive in full sun and require low-to-moderate water once you get it established. Heads up: it’s a fast grower with a canopy that spans up to 16 feet wide, so keep this in mind when deciding where to plant. The upside is that its hefty size blocks unwanted views beautifully -- a huge benefit, so to speak. Illuminate these palms with ground lighting for a stunning magical effect.

How durable are they? Very. Bismarcks will suffer from cold damage but they quickly recover. (They can actually withstand temperatures down to 28 degrees, with the green variety being a bit more sensitive.) They also adapt to a wide range of soils but require good drainage to prevent root rot. Overall, they’re very easy to grow after properly installed. Why not get your ArtisTree design consultation started now?  

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