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Four Chic Shade Solutions

Patio shade is important, but it doesn’t have to mean settling for a simple umbrella.

Presented by The Sarasota Collection November 21, 2018

Summer days spent lounging by the pool and sipping on chilled white wine are ideal.

Direct sun exposure for hours on end? Not so much.

Patio shade is important, but it doesn’t have to mean settling for a simple umbrella. Take a look at these elegant, sleek designs by TUUCI to creatively integrate shade into your outdoor space.

When style, comfort and luxury are absolutely paramount, nothing compares to TUUCI’s exclusive collection of lounges and sun beds. Each frame is expertly detailed and built with precision to withstand nature’s tests, season after season, year after year. Privacy panels and drapes add a sense of peace and solitude, and are complemented by a stylish line of high-quality cushions and bed coverings.

Relaxation has never been so beautiful. Built to perform in even the worst elements, TUUCI’s exclusive permanent and semi-permanent cabanas are available with either aluminum or wood-grain polymer construction for a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can customize these private outdoor living rooms to include privacy panels, windows and lush drapes that add calm and mystique.

TUUCI’s technologies have yielded important advancements in counter-windforce engineering, which are found exclusively on the Ocean Master MAX collection. The new “V-MAX” strut design features a four-point profile which concentrates strength along the radial walls at precisely the positions where maximum wind forces are applied. The “V-MAX” strut’s radically superior engineering reduces weight and provides a multi-faceted, polished exterior for refined design appeal. The Ocean Master MAX is just one of many parasol collections offered by TUUCI.

Shade Sculptures
“Design in motion” best describes the Stingray, TUUCI’s latest shade innovation. An expansive wing-to- wing spread of shade puts the Stingray in a class of its own. With a blend of elements from the natural world and state-of-the-art, marine-grade materials, the Stingray is both distinctive and durable. Rotating 360 degrees around its vertical axis, the sculpture can position itself for shade at any time of the day. From the smallest details on its intricately laced, tensile shade skin to the polished, wrought-aluminum armor-wall mast, the Stingray is built for years of blissful and inspired shade luxury.

Protection from the sun comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. With so many options for creating shade, it’s difficult to choose a style.

At The Sarasota Collection, we would love to help you build the patio of your dreams. Give us a call at (941) 955-8313, or click here to fill out a complimentary consultation form.