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Manatee Community Foundation

Cause: Public Benefit

Presented by Manatee Community Foundation October 9, 2018

Cause: Public Benefit

Mission: Partnering with our citizens to strengthen and enhance our community through philanthropy, education, and service—now and forever.

  • Your trusted partner in philanthropy for twenty years, serving generous people who live and give in Manatee County. 
  • A permanent home for charitable legacies that preserves donor intentions forever, locally and nationally.
  • Flexible and easy options for strategic, personal giving with full tax advantages through donor advised funds.
  • Community knowledge about local nonprofits that achieve results in health, human services, animal welfare, the environment, the arts and more.
  • Nonprofit resources including free community space and opportunities for learning and sharing for better governance, communications, fundraising and leadership.

The countless stories of people who make a difference in their communities weave an epic novel about genuine caring and commitment in Manatee County. Some people invest in solutions to end intergenerational poverty or in permanent homes for children in foster care. Others want to know that every abandoned pet will find a loving, forever human companion, or that injured sea turtles have a place to recover and be released back into the wild. Some work to ensure that every low-income woman has access to a free mammogram or has the backing of her community when she leaves an abusive relationship with few financial resources. Many choose to focus on grade-level reading, on connecting students to the arts, or on building informed and engaged communities.

In every variation of donor interests, we offer tax-wise strategies and ease to help people achieve their charitable goals, now and always. 

From Bradenton to Lakewood Ranch, Anna Maria Island to Parrish, Palmetto to east County, people who care are everywhere. If you’re one of them, we can help you maximize the results of your giving and the joy of making a difference.

Manatee Community Foundation
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