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Boho Style: From the Desert to the Garden

From home décor to fashion to hairstyles, everything has been influenced by this whimsical cool girl style. Give your locks a touch of bohemian flair with these tips.

Presented by Fresh Salon & Spa October 25, 2018

When we began planning this year’s Designing Daughters gala and a “boho” theme was suggested, my first thought was, how do you plan a whole party around that theme? Fast forward to a year later, and it’s like my whole Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous florals, gypsy fabrics, messy braids, flowy dresses and layers upon layers of jewelry. From home décor to fashion to hairstyles, everything has been influenced by this whimsical cool-girl style.

Last week I was checking out Coachella photos, and let’s get real: there is nothing more bohemian than festival style. This effortless yet thoughtfully accessorized look has been a music fest staple for years, but what I love about the way it’s presenting itself now is anyone can wear it—you don’t have to be heading to the desert! You can incorporate boho-inspired styles into anything from work wear to weekend casual clothes to wedding attire. Try layering a few necklaces with a casual tee, cut-offs and booties to keep it simple; add in anything in chiffon, with lots of movement, when you want to feel a bit more fancy.

I’ve seen some really beautiful braided hairstyles at Fresh lately, and with that boho-themed gala coming up on May 11, what better time to share some great ideas for looks anyone will look great in?

Boho braid sh07cj

What I love about this style is that it’s elegant enough for a wedding or black-tie event, yet it doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard to be perfectly polished.  The tousled texture and slightly undone braid are what give this updo its care-free sophistication. I also think this would be such a pretty style to pair with a flower crown.

Heart fspuow

How cool is this half-up heart—wouldn’t it be perfect for a bride? “Love hair” to celebrate a love story!

Fishtail b7nvac

Similar to the first style, the fishtail braid just gives this one a slightly different dimension. But one key detail all these looks share is texture. It doesn’t matter whether you air dry with a salt spray, like Kerastase Spray à Porter, or blow out your hair and curl it into beach waves, you just don’t want things to end up looking too sleek.

Brunette h1akaw

This last braid will have you feeling like a Boho princess. I can picture this with some tiny white or lavender flowers tucked throughout the braid to give it that little something special.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a hair rut and need something new for your next special event, give one of these looks a try. Or if you need a reason to get your boho glam style on, get a ticket to the Designing Daughters Bohemian Blooms Gala, Friday, May 11, at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Either way, remember that with this look, there is no right or wrong. Use these as inspiration, but find ways to incorporate it with your own personal style too.

Ashley final tw5i10

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