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Animal Rescue Coalition

Cause: Animal Care

Presented by Animal Rescue Coalition August 31, 2018

Cause: Animal Care

Mission: Saving Animals for the Benefit of Humanity

Spay and Neuter Saves Lives

Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) is a high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic located in Sarasota, whose mission is to end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats by making spay/neuter accessible to everyone. ARC believes that no animal should give up its life to make room for another. Spay and neuter is proven to reduce the number of unwanted animals flowing into local shelters and gives those already there and waiting their best chance to find a home.

Trained by ASPCA Humane Alliance, ARC has performed more than 55,000 surgeries since its founding in 1999. In addition, ARC performs more than 1,000 surgeries each year for local 501c (3) rescues who access further reduced rates. Working side by side with these rescues, ARC believes it is only through cooperation and collaboration that we will achieve the dream of no more killing.

Animal Rescue Coalition
6320 Tower Lane, Sarasota, FL 34240


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