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The Face of Dating

Mimi Lee is trailblazing successful connections through her agency MyTopMatchMaker.

Presented by April 28, 2017

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Mimi Lee 

Dating can be frustrating, and that is why Lee seeks old-fashioned-long term results versus current quick-pick profile dating so fashionable among the young. Recent marriages between Bill and Joan Bowen, Kyle and Jennifer Cregar, Chad and Brooke Barrbir, along with Mark Henry’s recent proposal to Betty Russo—or as he calls her his Betty Boo— along with an ever-growing list of clients like Ted and Jan who are deep into their own journey, solidify one thing:


Lee has the magic touch for transforming singles into handsome couples.



3131 S Tamiami Trl., STE 206

Sarasota, FL 34239

(941) 773-9527


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