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The Faces of Risk Management

Main Street, Sarasota, may be the home base for J.L. Bainbridge & Co., but its clients are coast to coast.

Presented by Research by Staff May 3, 2016

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J.L Bainbridge & Co. 

Main Street, Sarasota, may be the home base for J.L. Bainbridge & Co., but its clients are coast to coast. With 35 years of professional portfolio management experience, the company delivers a highly disciplined, long-term investment approach to help you achieve your financial goals. J.L. Bainbridge doesn’t sell products. Instead, its staff of professionals use their decades of experience, integrity and commitment to quality and risk minimization to build investment portfolios that help clients finance their children’s education, build and preserve the resources for an enhanced retirement, and achieve a meaningful higher standard of living. They don’t get paid unless you’re satisfied. Since it was founded in 1981, the company has grown to a staff of eight, managing more than $600 million. J.L. Bainbridge uses the same philosophy for every client, but builds a unique portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks—businesses with very little debt, excess cash flow, strong products or services with dominant market positions, and direct participation in a national and/or world situation that creates a continuous long-term trend independent of the economy. All movements will face headwinds, but a sound vessel will prevail, grow and succeed.

1582 MAIN ST.

(941) 365-3435


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