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What's the Latest on Dental Implant Technology?

Dr. Bakke is a local expert in the “All On 4” dental technology treatment, implant placement and care.

Presented by With Burr Bakke, D.D.S. November 2, 2015

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What are the “All On 4,” “Teeth in a Day,” “Same-Day Smiles,” or “Teeth by Tonight” articles I’ve seen?


These articles are referring to replacing all the teeth with dental implants and a bridge that attaches to the implants. Usually it requires a minimum of four implants and a fixed bridge in a single surgical visit. With good planning, the patient can replace his or her dentures with a fixed bridge that looks good. No more messy denture adhesive to hold in a poorly fitting denture. Eating food can become a joy again.













“The patient can replace his or her dentures with a fixed bridge that looks good.”




I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone for implants. Can I still have this treatment?


The “All on 4” technique was designed to minimize or eliminate the need for bone grafting, instead using areas in the front of the jaws that typically retain enough bone. These areas are located in the front of the mouth where the front six or eight teeth are usually located. There are times that bone grafting is required, but those instances are rare for this technique.


Do I get something other than “plastic denture teeth” as my final set of teeth?


In our office you actually receive three sets of teeth: The initial acrylic bridge, which has been modified to fit onto the implants and is fixed into place the day of surgery, is used while the implants are integrating into the bone.


In three months when the implants are solid, we place a second composite modified bridge onto the implants. This bridge is developed for ideal color, size and function or bite (how the teeth fit together). This bridge is worn by the patient in order to confirm smile design and correct function.


The final porcelain bridge is then constructed using this prototype, and is milled from a solid block of zirconia porcelain an exact replica of the ideal set—strong and beautiful.




Dr. Bakke is a local expert in the “All On 4” dental technology treatment, implant placement and care. Call (941) 923-6363 for a complimentary consultation to see if this treatment will work for you.






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