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Bologna Cafe is small and popular so make a reservation and be prepared to be transported to a some post-card northern Italian village for a few hours. The chef/owners, Claudio and Barbara were born and raised in Bologna and brought their recipes and cooking techniques to Osprey. Certain ingredients appear in many of their dishes–white truffles, sage, butter, peas, spinach, smoked prosciutto. Look for ever-popular lasagna Bolognese but also veal scaloppine in Gorganzola sauce or baked eggplant with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The hosts offer a traditional cheese course after dinner so do take advantage of four different boards, one of which features warm cheese from the Piedmont region which is drizzled with truffle honey. The food here is a unique experience within the local world of Italian restaurants and it’s a destination for gourmands. 

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Bologna Cafe

3893 Destination Drive, Suite 102, Osprey, FL, 34236
Venice/Nokomis/Osprey  •  (941) 244-2033
5 p.m. - 10 p.m.