Offshore Treasure

Manasota Offshore is a Treasure Worth Protecting

Public agencies and citizens' groups are working together to safeguard the underwater burial site off Manasota Beach.

08/08/2018 By Brad Edmondson


North Port May Finally Be Taking Steps to Limit Damage to Prehistoric Sites

For decades, the city of North Port allowed damage to occur to these sites. But things may be changing now, thanks to an ordinary-looking marsh and a small group of activists.

06/25/2018 By Brad Edmondson

Real Estate News

Are We in for Another Real Estate Bubble?

The price index increased at a rate of about 13 percent a year between the end of 2011 and the end of 2015.

03/14/2016 By Brad Edmondson

Culture City

Who's Hispanic?

Business owners: If you don't understand Hispanic diversity, you could offend your customers.

03/31/2015 By Brad Edmondson



08/31/2012 By Brad Edmondson Photography by Kathryn Brass


Gathering The Tribes

03/01/2012 Photography by Barbara Banks By Brad Edmondson


Boomers in Paradise

03/01/2011 By Brad Edmondson Photography by Limbert Fabian


The New Abnormal

01/01/2011 Photography by Michael Short By Brad Edmondson


Leading Question

04/30/2010 By Brad Edmondson


Nurses Needed-STAT!

02/28/2010 Photography by William S. Speer By Brad Edmondson