Picture of two beekeepers from suncoast beekeepers association showing a group of children a demonstration hive

Beekeepers from the Suncoast Beekeepers Association teach children with an interactive demonstration hive. 

Bees are more than just insects that make honey. They also pollinate our fruits, vegetables and nut crops. In fact, without bees, a third of the world's food supply would be jeopardized, and beeswax, honey and bee venom are used in modern medicine and cosmetics. In short, bees rock, and learning more about them does, too.

This weekend, the Manatee County Agricultural Museum is hosting a one-time, indoor-outdoor event called, BEE Aware: Discover the Wonder of Bees, one of many educational happenings taking place during the Suncoast Remake Learning Days Festival.

Thanks to a partnership with Soar in 4 and the Suncoast Beekeepers Association, beekeepers will lead activity stations with interactive demonstration hives, honey tastings, games, crafts and story time, and each family will make their very own bee house to take home. Plus, you'll also learn about the best plants for attracting and increasing the habitat for these crucial pollinators. (There will be no live bees at this event.)

Geared toward children and families, the 10-day Suncoast Remake Learning Days festival will see organized, educational and fun activities throughout Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto and Manatee counties, from Friday, April 29, to Sunday, May 8. Everything from building a robot to crafting art and exploring the outdoors is on the roster of things to do. The free events will be offered at schools, museums, parks, libraries, after-school organizations, child care centers, tech companies and more.

BEE Aware: Discover the Wonder of Bees runs 1-3 p.m. Saturday, April 30, at the Manatee County Agricultural Museum, 1015 Sixth St. W., Palmetto. For more info, or to register, call (941) 721-2034. For a full list of Sarasota events during Suncoast Remake Learning Days festival, click here. Enter your ZIP code to explore other participating locations.

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