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New College Foundation Welcomes Three New Board Members

They are Dr. Esther Barazzone, Dr. Margee Ensign and Larry Geimer.

By Staff September 22, 2021

Dr. Esther Barazzone

Dr. Esther Barazzone

The New College Foundation recently welcomed three new members to its board of directors: Dr. Esther Barazzone, Dr. Margee Ensign and Larry Geimer.

Dr. Barazzone (’64), an alum of New College’s charter class, retired from Chatham University in 2016 after 24 years as president. Throughout her career, Barazzone has been engaged in issues related to higher education, women’s opportunities and leadership, and global education. Dr. Margee Ensign (’73) is currently the president of the American University of Nigeria (AUN), where she also served from 2010-2017. Ensign is renowned for founding and leading the Adamawa Peace Initiative (API), which successfully promoted peace and countered Boko Haram through education, humanitarian assistance for 300,000 refugees, and youth empowerment. Larry Geimer, CPA/CDFA, is a principal in the Sarasota-based firm Kerkering, Barberio & Co., where his practice areas include tax compliance and tax planning.

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