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Kortnee Gonzalez of Echt-Architects Explores the Art of the Bath

Five ways to make your bathroom uniquely you.

With Kortnee Gonzalez September 7, 2017

Architects Kortnee Gonzalez and Andrew Etter co-founded the Sarasota-based firm, Echt-Architects, in 2016. Today, Gonzalez weighs in on the bathroom design trends they are currently crushing on. 


Stone slab  xp4dqy

Stone slab as wall art

Image: Juan Montoya

Stone slab 2 morq54

Stone slab as art

Stone slabs as wall art

Who decided that the only way to add a pop of color and excitement to your bathroom is to choose bright fluffy towels? Instead, turn that slab of granite that you fell in love with vertically and incorporate it into your bathroom. Installing stone slabs on the wall allows you to really appreciate the stone’s beauty up close. Plus, when installed in the shower it’s so much easier to clean since grout joints are practically nonexistent. Win-win!


Gold bathtub hohnyx

SplinterWorks tub

Make a statement with your bathtub

No matter how often you use your bathtub, choose one that balances comfort with style. A bathtub is an opportunity to make a unique design statement. There are so many gorgeous sculptural tubs to choose from, so pick something that suits your personal taste. We are completely crushing on this incredible golden hammock tub by SplinterWorks.


Skylight1 pqe8ae

Bathroom by Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers

Invisible Skylights

Bathroom lighting can be challenging to get right. Since most of us get ready for each day in the bathroom, the more natural light, the better. Opening up to the sky allows for a sense of privacy and seclusion, while also being connected to nature.  We are both crushing on bathroom skylights that disappear, giving a feeling of open sky.


Outdoorshower2 kxqz1g

Image: Robson Roberto Migotto

Outdoorshower3 h7blpn

Outdoor shower

Outdoor showers and tubs

I recently traveled to South Africa and experienced my first outdoor shower; it was amazing. Every master bathroom would benefit from an outdoor connection. Bonus points if you can take advantage of an incredible view. No view? No problem; the intimacy of a private garden is a perfect place to relax or reinvigorate.


Fireplace5 l5igu4

Image: Antonio Lupi

Bathroom fireplaces

Combining the opposing elements of fire and water can be so serene. Very few homes have fireplaces in their bathrooms, but fireplaces are an incredible feature that can be extremely calming and relaxing. There are many fire elements available on the market today; we’re not just limited to the classic wood burning fireplace, hearth and chimney.

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