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Five Elegant Finds from Interior Designer Marcia Norris

Unusual wallpapers, gorgeous glass mosaic tiles and more.

With Marcia Norris June 30, 2017

A residential interior designer trained at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Marcia Norris established MKID Interior Design in 1997 after working for national builders, national architectural firms, and Sarasota’s leading interior designers and architects.  

Marcia norris coconut shells jvlxpi

CoCo Shells from Elitis.

Coconut Shells

Looking for an unusual way to create interest and texture on a wall?  Why not try CoCo Shells from Elitis wallcoverings that have been handmade and hand-dyed?  Contemporary yet casual, available in many colors, these individual, dimensional coconut shells look like tile and can be used on an accent wall or even on a ceiling.  

Marcia norris vintage pot rack gwcwz4

Ann-Morris vintage pot rack

Vintage Pot Rack

Now here’s something for the serious cook or for those who just like the thought of looking like one.  Who wouldn’t love a vintage, custom-sized pot rack from Ann-Morris that can be suspended above your island top to provide both extra storage and direct task lighting? The metal racks are available in an array of beautiful finishes, and many of the lighting fixtures can be found in the mid-20th century industrial art look.

Marcia norris hand painted wallpaper zpr0qy

Traditional Chinoiserie wallpaper from Paul Montgomery.

Hand-painted Wallpaper

It’s always fun to mix it up a little. With this traditional Chinoiserie wallpaper from Paul Montgomery, you can custom color and even custom design it to go with any décor. The Asian influence, big at this spring’s High Point market, works well with both traditional and contemporary décor. 

Marcia norris glass mosaic tile excc7p

New Ravenna glass mosaic tile.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Looking for that wow factor in your bath? These glass mosaics by New Ravenna are showstopping works of art installed as decorative borders, murals or anything else you could possibly imagine. 

Marcia norris cabinet hkhxto

Mahogany and mother of pearl bar cabinet from Jonathan Charles.

Bar Cabinet

An absolutely stunning piece just introduced by Jonathan Charles, this bar cabinet becomes the focal point of any room. Constructed of mahogany and mother of pearl, its quality and workmanship are evident in the exquisite marquetry, hand-forged hardware and ormulu.  Perfection in a timeless design.

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