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Jessica Napoli Shares Five Design Inspirations

Find out what the Chic on the Cheap interior designer likes right now.

With Jessica Napoli March 7, 2017

Jessica Napoli is one of the owners at Chic on the Cheap, a Sarasota-based interior design firm.

"As designers, we are inspired by the world around us, not just with things specific to design. However, as we take in all of this inspiration, we find ways or ideas we can translate them into design, so here are just a few of my favorite things."

Jessica napoli joybird sofa pqgpcp

Joybird. "This online furniture retailer is quickly becoming my “go to” when looking for something unique. I fell in love with this company because you can modify whatever you are searching for, like a sofa, and have it made in almost any color you can think of. They even offer a 365-day in-home trial." 

Jessica napoli custom beds g72kr2

Custom Beds. "Most of my clients hear the word 'custom' and think 'cha-ching,' but when it comes to beds, that is not necessarily the case. When designing a master bedroom, you want it to be something unique.  And since these cost roughly the same as pre-manufactured ones at higher-end retailers, why not give yourself the opportunity to design a showpiece that no one else will have?"

Jessica napoli porcelain tile panels httqd8

Porcelain Tile Panels. "Love the look of marble on your bathroom walls but don’t want all those pesky seams? I am enamored by the oversized Laminam porcelain tile panels by Crossville for this very reason. With panels as large as 120 inches by 40 inches, they eliminate the need for grout lines and allow you to take full advantage of the material’s beauty. And because it’s a porcelain product, it is super low-maintenance."

Jessica napoli metallic ceramic accessories bmirpv

Metallic Ceramic Accessories. "Shiny, gilded, and glam—gold metallic is back. We are seeing more of this style in every aspect of design for punches of glitz and charm."

Jessica napoli louis vuitton bag wayois

Louis Vuitton Handbags. "Great design is all around us, and I look for inspiration in everything—including classic forms like this Louis Vuitton handbag. The company has been around since 1854 and has become a staple in fashion around the world. It has also solidified its place in a career woman’s wardrobe as the first bag to purchase as a professional. It’s a stylish, timeless statement piece."

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