This handsome European-style residence you are looking at is really a guest house, designed by Clifford Scholz of CMSA Architects to complement—but not copy—the owners’ adjacent 7,500-square-foot main home in the exclusive gated golfing community, The Concession.

With about 3,800 square feet of air-conditioned space plus porches, terraces and a four-car garage, the guest house stands directly south of the main house on an adjoining property. It is physically connected to that main house by a large gazebo and colonnade. “Our goal was, architecturally, when you drive up, to make it look like one entity,” says Scholz.   

There are two bedrooms, a full kitchen and outdoor kitchen, combination living/dining room, powder room and mud room, plus a covered patio in the back. “It’s a functioning home itself; so when they have guests in, they really can be totally independent,” says the architect.

 “The properties are large—about three acres total—and the owners were trying to, and succeeded, in establishing the estate feel of The Concession,” says Scholz. Now, “it truly is a signature estate property,” he says.

The owners have a large extended family and a lot of friends who visit, and they’re involved in several charities. “They have a lot of functions at their home, so we made the gazebo a large gathering area, where people at these charity functions love to sit and enjoy the lake view and all the landscaping,” says Scholz.

Perrone Construction was the builder and Lea Jackson was the interior designer.

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