A Little Nostalgia

All The Things We've Missed During Quarantine

Our editors share a list of activities they can't wait to get back to.

By The Editors May 18, 2020

Grocery shopping during quarantine for COVID-19

We miss so much about The Before times.

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Coloring My Hair

I’ve never really enjoyed going to the salon for my hair appointments much…too much time spent unproductive in the chair, wishing I could be doing something else, and then at the end of it forking over what seems like a lion’s share of my weekly earnings…gulp. Now, of course, like so many others, I would love to get back into that chair, sift through the People magazines without wearing gloves (if one dares to do it all) and a mask while my gray roots are tended and my straggling ‘do is whipped back into shape. Soon, perhaps.—Kay Kipling

Walking to Get Coffee

Sarasota Magazine is fortunate to have an office located near the heart of downtown Sarasota, and one of the chief perks of working there is that I can walk out the front door and stroll to coffee shops. I can get a nitro cold brew from Kahwa, an espresso from O & A Coffee and Supply, drip coffee from Buddy Brew, a vegan latte from Project Coffee or a pour-over from Varietal, all without having to get in my car. Those shops have all remained open in recent weeks, but our office has been closed, which means that if I want good coffee, I need to drive to get it. That's OK, I guess, but I've come to realize that it's not just good coffee I miss, but the ritual of walking to get it, running into friends along the way and chatting with the kind people behind the counter.—Cooper Levey-Baker

Dance Classes

Prior to stay-at-home orders, I enjoyed taking dance classes once a week at various studios in Sarasota. One of my favorites was a Tuesday night beginner class at Sarasota Contemporary Dance. I looked forward to seeing friends and being part of the rich dance community in town. Many of these studios are offering virtual classes, but with spotty internet connections and the lack of space in my tiny house, it can be challenging to participate. Nothing compares to the in-person experience. There is a positive energy that keeps me happy and inspired. I look forward to returning soon, even on nights I'm dragging my feet after a long day.—Allison Forsyth

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of those things that I’ve always loved, even though I know it’s the bane of others’ existence. I love lingering in the produce section, picking out the perfect fruits and vegetables, or pondering what variety of maple syrup I want to buy in the baking aisle. Since COVID-19, I wear a mask, glove up and hold my breath when I pass someone in an aisle. I’ll continue to wear a mask until public health experts say it’s safe not to—and will probably not pick up nearly as many things as I once did while searching for ingredients. The day when everything feels less fraught will be a great one.—Megan McDonald

Heading to the Gym

My three-times-a-week ageless stretching class at Studio South Fitness, and all the lovely women (and one man) who make it so much fun. I’m looking forward to drawing from their friendship and inspiration sometime soon.—Ilene Denton


I miss touching. I keep thinking of shared things we touch. Handrails. Board game pieces. Door handles. I miss not being suspicious of surfaces and how unconscious I was of the ease and innocence of touching. I miss hugging my mom.—Susan Burns

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