By Hannah Wallace November 1, 2011


Not sure this pumpkin was worth the two fingers I lopped off while carving...Halloween-11-amy-and-sitch.BMP

When Mike met Amy


Beerslinger Bud in his usual position.


This is a great photo for playing "Spot the Zombie."

So that was that, and now they're playing Christmas music. It's amusing to me that, instead of getting its own stand-alone time of year, Halloween is right up against sincere holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Or maybe it's good to get your zombie on before having to be all warm and gooey.Not that zombies aren't warm and gooey. Just in a different way. You get my point.

Well, before we get too mushy, we're off to Ybor this Friday to see Sarasota's own Aaron Jaco (and our own boxing mentor) in his first bout since a year or so before we started going there. Very exciting. I'm sure we'll be screaming for blood--which, really, goes hand-in-hand with Friday night festivities.

After that? Well, gah, guess I better start getting my Christmas list together...

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