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Local Artist Debbie Dannheisser Launches a New Apparel Line

Dannheisser has taken her colorful, cheerful original art and turned it into an apparel collection called Threads.

By Heather Dunhill June 22, 2018

No matter the workout you pick, let's be honest: it's always about the gear. And we're all looking for standout pieces.

Well, Sarasota artist Debbie Dannheisser has taken her chic, original art and turned it into a very wearable leggings, skirts and accessories collection called Threads—all perfect for a morning class and lounging afterward. 

I caught up with Debbie to hear more about the inspiration behind launching Threads and how art and fashion intersected in her life.  And if you love what you see here, click here to check out her site for more.

What inspired you to create apparel and accessories?

I love the creative process, using my original art to make these beautiful leggings and skirts. And more, I love how excited people are to wear them!

There's another story that is so much a huge part of this.  As Threads was coming to life, we lost our amazing and loving daughter, Nicole, who passed away suddenly.  These creations are also my expression of her, and the bond that she and I hold—a pathway for me to keep her colorful spirit alive and to honor her memory.  It is a huge part of healing for me and for the entire family.

Most of the women I know like to buy not only for style, but also based on fabric and feel. Tell us about the materials you sourced.

I love “feel good” fabric, too, and the skirts and leggings feel like butter.  They are made in the USA, machine washable and can be dried on gentle cycle or tumble-dried on low. 

Now that you have experience putting a collection out in the world, would you say the business of fashion and art are similar?

Both involve taking chances, and sharing yourself, your ideas and feelings with the world. It feels very vulnerable. Both also require balancing creating from the heart and adhering to the discipline of business responsibility. 

What did you love about the process of creating Threads?

I love experimenting; I love color and the relationship of colors next to each other.  I enjoy finding a painting and making it work on a pair of leggings.  I was so thrilled when I put my Big Sunflower painting on my leggings and saw the head of the sunflower on one leg and the petals on the other. 

And what was a lesson learned?

I heard all those quotes about pursuing your passion and how "the rest” will follow. I didn’t get it for the longest time. I get it now. My lesson learned is when we live from our heart, we find our extraordinary life, even amidst the darkness.

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