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Three Green Hair Brands You Need to Know

These shampoos and conditioners are good for your hair and the planet.

By Heather Dunhill April 26, 2018

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Want to cut out harmful chemicals in your hair? Then it's time to break up with your conventional shampoo and conditioner combo and rehab with one of these must-try finds. Each brand uniquely sources its ingredients and make it a point to care for both people and the planet. The products' hallmarks are nutrition, safety and natural ingredients—but they're also high performing.

Our beauty editor Heather Dunhill gave a platinum star to the following three shampoo and conditioner teams.

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Rahua Classic Shampoo ($34) + Classic Conditioner ($36)

What They Say:

Rahua's classic shampoo and conditioner is rich with the restorative qualities of rare Amazonian ingredients, sustainably sourced and specially formulated to revitalize hair. Gentle enough for all hair types, this formula leaves locks luminous and soft by imparting omega-9 packed rahua oil and other all-natural, plant-derived nutrients.

What Heather Says:

This rainforest-grown pairing is a luxe discovery. The dreamy scent is just enough to feel spa-like, and the formulas are rich, but not heavy at all. I have thin hair, and a lot of it, so, I'm always aware that new hair care products could cause listless locks. But the after-clean here is the perfect foundation for styling. 

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Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo ($14) + Conditioner ($14)

What They Say:

Shampoo: Amp up hair volume with this naturally foaming shampoo. An aromatic blend of organic and natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils will be a treat to your senses, hair and scalp, while visibly plumping normal to fine hair. Feed Your Volume shampoo also uses special vitalized water purified through a six-step process with rare volcanic minerals.

Conditioner: Superior moisturizers from mother nature (jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil and aloe vera) make this conditioner the perfect daily answer to seal in moisture and promote volume and manageability.  It also has a warm, earthy aroma from wildcrafted essential oils like sweet orange, rosemary and vetiver. 

What Heather Says:

I love the earthy fragrance of this combination. And I love how my hair and scalp experiences an instant clean—plus it does indeed create volume (nota bene: it takes a moment to lather, but it does). It's fairly priced and a fair-minded company. Not only is this product 100 percent vegan and free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates, chemicals, gluten and animal testing, but 3 percent of all profits go directly to benefiting Pachamama Alliance and protecting over 10 million acres of Amazon rainforest.



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John Masters Organics Shampoo for Normal Hair with Lavender and Rosemary ($16) + Hair Mask for Normal Hair with Rose and Apricot ($29)

What They Say:

Shampoo: Cleanse, moisturize and balance normal hair with our new and improved shampoo for normal hair, infused with the pure essential oils of organic French lavender and rosemary, known for their revitalizing powers and lovely scent profiles.

Conditioner: Our silky, rich hair mask was developed with multiple benefits in mind: to help balance moisture levels, repair split ends, and cleanse the scalp. Ideal for normal hair, it’s the easiest way to maintain shiny, lustrous locks and a healthy scalp in less than five minutes. 

What Heather Says:

This eco-label has a knack for combining a gentle clean with high-quality ingredients. It's a pure and simple shampoo with a fresh scent, and the mask is lovely, too; a little heavy for every day, but it conditions my hair thoroughly—so much so that my locks feel like I've just come from the salon. 

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