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Yellow Strawberry's Master Stylist Richard Weintraub Talks Hair Trends to Try Now

Our beauty editor listens in for the best hair styles and color trends that we'll want to try immediately.

By Heather Dunhill November 2, 2017

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Haircuts and color evolve from season to season. Those trends are often led by the members-only Intercoiffure America/Canada.The educational and inspirational event signals the winds of change with renowned artists and top salon owners and talent in the hairdressing industry.

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And recently back from the 2017 Fall Atelier members-only two-day convention in New York are Yellow Strawberry co-owners Desmond and Caroline Behan, master stylist Richard Weintraub and a team of eight stylists. I caught up with Richard Weintraub, who boasts more than 40 years in the biz, to get his take on what's new and next for our locks this season. Whether you're up for an autumnal color story or full-on chop, here's what you need to know to stay in step. 

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In what direction are hairstyles moving?

For way too long, if a consumer or stylist was good at using flat irons, curling irons or wands, a haircut did not have to be exact. Now, is that the focus is on the haircut. A stylist must focus on the person’s bone structure, hair texture and even body shape. This goes back to what made Vidal Sassoon so unique. It’s all about the haircut. 

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How about color?

Soft metallic tones for the more adventurous customers, warm chocolate browns, beautiful coppers and rich auburns will round out this fall’s collection of leading hair color trends. 

Let’s talk hair care. So many products are the market—what are the must-haves for home styling?

It all starts with what the hair needs. If it’s fine, one must address this first. If it’s over-curly and frizzy, that becomes a priority when choosing what is necessary. The same is true for coarse hair, etc. Some consumers have more than one challenge with their locks, so start with the first challenge (coarse, brittle, over-processed, etc.), and then see where the outcome takes you so you can begin to cover all bases.

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What was your biggest take-away from the convention?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, it's that all stylists must take more time and totally connect with their clients. The focus is on the consumer and the experience—not the service provider. This is critical to client retention. 

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And lastly, what’s a chic new way to style our locks for a gala?

The best way to get gala-glam ready is to schedule an appointment to create the look you’re going for. The secret is to go into your salon with clean, dry hair to cut the time (and even a little bit of the expense) of having your hair done.

Your style will all depend on what you are wearing to the event. Clothing with smooth, clean lines will look great with lots of texture in the hair. The same goes for a more textured outfit; that will look best with very smooth lines and a straight style. Always take a photo of what you are going to wear when you get your tresses touched up for a big event. Your stylist may have some ideas you hadn’t thought about.

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