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Actress and Singer Ariel Blue Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Ariel Blue shares the staples of her beauty routine—from her love of coconut oil to how clearing her head is important to feeling pretty.

By Heather Dunhill August 9, 2017

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Ariel Blue

If you're a theater fan—more specifically a Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe devotee—then you surely know Ariel Blue. This chic thespian and chanteuse has been performing in ensembles and choral pieces since high school, but the performance bug hit her in full-force during her college years at Stetson University. Since returning to Sarasota in 2007, she has worked in mainstage productions with WBTT, Florida Studio Theatre Improv, and the former Golden Apple Dinner Theatre. She's also performed behind Christopher Williams, Sharon Scott and has even traveled to Switzerland to sing.  

Beyond performing, Blue is devoted to family—especially her niece and nephew—WBTT and her church, where she serves as a mentor to youth there. In her words: “I’m just a vessel, serving up a smile at a time, using my unique brand of #BlackGirlMagic—it’s my duty.”

Kinda falling for her already...aren't you?!

Describe your morning makeup routine.

When I’m feeling up to putting it on in the morning, it’s pretty simple: wash my face, moisturize with coconut oil. After that dries, I apply Aveeno moisturizer or a face primer. I fill in my brows and add a tinted eye primer and use a color corrector on my face (because who doesn't want an even skin tone?). Next, I throw on my Black Opal, Revlon or Clinique foundation, then add a little blush and mascara. Easy, right?!

What did your mother/mother figure teach you about beauty?

My mother always said, “Beauty comes from the inside.” As a teen, you’re like, “Yeah, Mom, but what about my outsides?!” But she was right! How you treat your inside will show on the exterior. She also taught me to recognize my own beauty—since it’s subjective, everyone will have an opinion. But as long as I’m secure, it’ll shine through.

One thing I noticed as a child is that my mom loved to let the sun shine on her. She’d sit out with sunscreen and just let the sun rejuvenate her. I didn’t get it then, but I think I may know why: it gives the skin a fresh glow. 

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

I drink as much water as I can! And in the mornings, I do a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (yuck!)—it’s supposed to be good for you, so why not? I attempt to work out as much as I can. I’d gotten to a point where I was at least working out four times a week, but in general at least twice a week for 30-40 minutes is typical. It’s important to sweat and get the toxins out your body.

I also try to have moments where I stretch and just meditate. Mentally clearing my head is important for me to feel beautiful. If I’m relaxed, I smile more—and smiles are staples of beauty. Diet is important too…but I haven’t mastered that aspect yet! I'm working on it.

Any treatment that you outsource?

You know, I used to consider myself sort of a renaissance woman—I can do it all! Then I realized that there are people who can do it better. So I let them. I have a wonderful nail salon/spa that I go to at least once a month for nail care and waxing. A nice, clean, smooth face is important for makeup application!

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

I use Garnier micellar water to remove makeup. After showering and washing my face, I use coconut oil everywhere—head to toe. I’ve only recently started doing this religiously, and I can certainly tell the difference in my hair and skin.  

Do you have a signature scent, and what do you love about it?

My favorite scent right now is Clinique’s Happy in Bloom. My sister bought it for me as a present for my birthday and I get so many compliments, even from people who’ve used it. I guess it mixes well with my body chemistry. But a friend of mine recently had on Versace Bright Crystal and I love it! That’ll be my gift to myself in the near future.

What's the biggest beauty blunder women make?

I think it’s blending: when you don’t blend the eyeshadow or the blush, contour and highlight you get those hard lines! I’ve seen older pictures of myself and it’s tragic. [Laughs]

More women should...

Use products that are suited for their specific skincare needs—which may differ from your friends and family. Maintain a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. Be confident in the tools that God has given them. Highlight the positives and let your soul glow.

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