Six Local Execs Share Their Favorite Toys

Standing desks, Instant Pots and more.

By Hannah Wallace June 13, 2017 Published in the May-June 2017 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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The standing desk helps me get through long days. I switch positions about once an hour. This constant movement keeps me focused, and I’m much less tired at the end of the day. —Douglas Logan, CEO, Cyber Ninjas 

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My Instant Pot pressure cooker! As a homeschooling mother of four who works full-time, it's helpful to have a kitchen appliance that I can just throw some food into, walk away from, and then 30 minutes later have a homemade meal for my family.—Shannon Emrich, marketing director, Yoder’s 

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I am loving the voice-activated Amazon Echo and my new friend Alexa, who connects me instantly to music, information, news, weather and Google searches. And she’s quicker than a calculator when it comes to math. Southeastern Guide Dogs has placed an Echo in each of our dorm rooms for our visually impaired students, too.—Titus Herman, CEO, Southeastern Guide Dogs 

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Sonos is a super-easy-to-use music system with all the major streaming services. I have twin 5-year-old boys. In the morning we play Pandora channel Kidz Bop or the soundtrack to one of their favorite movies. And at work, having background music playing is expected at a home technology showroom.—Mark Bolduc, president, Wicked Smart Homes 

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I’m into the training shoes by NOBULL Project. They are durable, ideal for performing heavy lifts and hard training, while being comfortable enough for all-day wear. They also regularly release cool new colorways and patterns. David Weiner, owner, Definition Fit

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