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Get Gorgeous with Homegrown BioEsse Probiotic-Based Skincare

Would you use skincare with probiotics? Yep, I would, too.

By Heather Dunhill April 29, 2016

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Confession: I take skincare seriously and I happen to be a beauty junkie for the good stuff. Nope, not the chi-chi brand names in fancy packaging - it's the effective yet intelligent products  that get my attention and my dollars. 

Take BioEsse, developed right here in Sarasota by Dr. Eva Berkes and Dr. Nicholas Monsul, which packs the benefits of good bacteria while being 100 percent organic, with zero toxins. The concept is based on skin-saving bio-identical probiotic technology. It's skincare designed by nature and clinically powered by the human microbiome--ultimately delivering a probiotic essence for the skin.

Beyond the technical, it feels and smells divine, and I'm loving the results. What I especially love is that, just like drinking a healthy smoothie, I know I'm doing something good for my skin. 

I caught up with Dr. Eva Berkes for more insight into this innovative and smart, very smart skincare concept. But before we get to her interview Dr. Berkes has a gift for you--enjoy 20 percent off your purchase for the month of May with code Microbiome20.  You're gonna love it!

OK, now here's Dr. Berkes on BioEsse.

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Tell us how BioEsse differentiates itself from other products for the skin?

BioEsse is the world’s first human microbiome skincare system. What is the microbiome and why is it important? Just like taking probiotics for a healthy intestinal system, supporting the health- and beauty-promoting microbes on your skin is also important. These trillion microbes are called the skin microbiome. So what probiotics are best? Most probiotics come from sources foreign to the human body, such as food or soil, but probiotics living on the human body are naturally “trained” to be best for it. Only BioEsse contains a probiotic extract derived from the most natural of sources–the human microbiome itself. BioEsse was specifically discovered and developed for optimal skin microbiome balance. As our biggest and most visible organ, our skin reflects our overall health. The real beauty secret to glowing skin may, in fact, lie in a healthy skin microbiome.

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 How did this clever concept come about?

Microbiome science is perhaps the most exciting discovery since DNA, and one day will change the world. We wanted to make microbiome science a quicker-to-market reality, however, with microbiome products with real benefit, such as BioEsse. More products are coming!

What’s the science behind the skincare?

We are not alone. Our microbiome houses trillions of microbes on our body surfaces, from gut to skin. Critical for our health, our skin microbiome defends against infection, synthesizes vitamins, protects against cancer, allergies and auto-immune disease, and supports immunity. Fighting against bacteria--germ warfare--has been a tradition. But the new scientific paradigm is to support the “good guys” in our microbiome--water our gardens, so to speak, to improve our health. This is what BioEsse does. Research shows that it supports the healthy microbiome on human skin, stimulates skin immunity and strengthens the skin barrier.

How about results?

Healthy skin with a balanced microbiome looks best, the glowing skin of real health. Clinical VISIA testing in 21 volunteers using BioEsse shows results as early as 2 weeks, with decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores, visible spots and facial redness.

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What’s the biggest mistake women make when it comes to skincare?

Neglecting the invisible friends on our skin!

If we do only two things for our face before bedtime what should they be?

Use an extremely gentle, toxin-free, pH-appropriate facial cleanser and moisturize with a product that encourages skin microbiome health.

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