Give Your Brows an Upgrade with Sleek Brows

Sleek Brows--offered locally at Shoko Lash Studio--are an upgrade for your eyebrows.

By Heather Dunhill January 20, 2016

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Great brows can do more for the face than a bold red lip. And, like it or not, they are in fact a fashion statement that changes with the times--think Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy or Brooke Sheilds.  These days you don't leave home without well-defined brows, even if it's to the gym. This look goes from work to weekend and back.

Not handy with one of those defining pencils or bummed with your thinning brows? Get this--the latest innovation in beauty is 3D brow building by Sleek Brows, built on your natural shape for thicker, fuller, waterproof brows that last for weeks.

Of course I had to know more so I went straight to the top to chat with Fiona Connolly, Sleek Brows International Instructor and Kintija Belska, Sleek Brows Founder. Here's some quick insight on how it all works and what to expect if you're considering a brow makeover....

Have more questions? The Central Florida Sleek Brows Rep and Master Trainer Shoko Kubota of Shoko Lash Studio is right here in Sarasota--here's a rundown of what you need to know.

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I’m intrigued – what goes into building a brow?

To build a brow we use three techniques, the first one is threading, this ensures that all the excess hair around the shape is removed prior to application. We then get busy sculpting. The sculpting paint is a combination of three key ingredients that are mixed together to form a long-lasting, durable paint that sits on the epidermis and creates a hair-like appearance. Finally, we build on to the brow, attaching hairs on the client's existing hair creating fullness and giving that hyper-realistic look that is associated with Sleek Brows

Tell us about the products used to apply the brow enhancement.

The sculpting products are comprised of a gel base, softening additive, and a mineral powder. They are all used in conjunction with each other. They are mixed together in varying quantities, depending on what look you would like to achieve, and then applied to the client's brows. The building (hair-on-hair) application is simply done using our X-Tweezers for precision and our adhesive, which is a durable yet flexible medical-grade adhesive.

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How does one vet a technician to be sure they are enlisting the services of a professional?

We have a salon search facility on our website. All technicians that have trained with us have their details entered in to the salon search.

I’m sure there’s an athletic woman or two out there reading this--can Sleek Brows stand up to hot yoga, swimming, and a heavy workout?

Sleek Brows needs up to 48 hours to fully bond to the skin and for the adhesive to set correctly. For this reason, we ask clients to avoid, saunas, swimming, steam rooms and sunbeds for the first 24-48 hours. Someone with a very active lifestyle will experience lesser durability and would have to make sure not to rub the brows during physical activity or sauna.

What’s the care and commitment?

An addition to the above, do not allow shampoo and conditioner to run through the brows while bathing and pat the brows gently to dry. Do not rub them.

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