Biz Makeover

Dress up your casual style with biz makeover tips from Sarasota's Jackie Rogers.

By Chelsey Lucas April 1, 2014

Our sports-loving and athletic editor Hannah Wallace, known for her ability to research, handle databases and write smart stories for Biz(941) and sister publication Sarasota Magazine, let our stylist Jackie Rogers take charge and dress up her casual style.


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HANNAH’S GOAL “I’ve felt that dressing nicely and being comfortable were mutually exclusive, so I needed a chance to feel comfortable in things that also looked good. I wanted to learn how to jazz up my casual style so that I still looked like me, but so that my ‘me’ style lived up to office dress.”

JACKIE’S GOAL “Hannah’s day is spent interviewing people, or at the computer writing, so I chose a comfortable, casually tailored outfit with simple lines and details. I selected crisp, dark denim as the base. Hannah likes neutral colors because it’s easier to match things; however, I wanted to show her how to pair a neutral with a bold color, so I picked the orange blouse to work with a simply detailed, gray cotton blazer that defines her waist and will be easy to mix and match with lots of colors. Metallic gold ballet flats provide a casual, but polished look and unfussy gold jewelry adds a little sparkle of interest without being over the top. Courtney cut her hair several inches to give her a face-framing style that provides an option to wearing it tied up in a clip.”

HANNAH’S TAKE “Now I can see how clothes that I previously thought were too different or attention-getting can actually just be part of a composed, flattering look. I also learned how the right make-up can enhance my face without making me look like a different person. And I’ve gained new motivation to take care of my hair!”

WHERE TO BUY: Jacket, $29.99; blouse, $19.99; ballet flat, $19.99, denim jeans, $29.99; earrings, $12.99, all from Target.



HAIR BY Courtney Franklin

MAKE-UP BY Bethany Holmstrom, Fresh Salon. Spa. Style.

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