Biz Makeover: Jeremy Lepper

By Beau Denton January 2, 2014

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Jeremy Lepper, account executive at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, has a bland on-the-job uniform look that is a staple in his line of work. After an admitted 10-year style rut, Jeremy wanted a new non-work wardrobe that could be expanded using key pieces from one coordinated look.

JEREMY’S GOAL “I hadn’t changed my look since college and want to look more professional. My style at work is an ArtisTree logo shirt, and after work is athletic wear because I’m working outside on my house, or playing with my kids.”

JACKIE’S GOAL “I wanted to pull Jeremy out of his style rut and help him regain his clothing creativity (he told me he used to like to shop). I showed him how to coordinate one new outfit that could be the foundation for multiple outfits for the after work meet-and-greet, or date night with wife, Ashley.

“A pair of navy trousers is key to any man’s wardrobe as they can be paired with so many color combinations. I layered a blue cashmere sweater with a multicolor, checked button-down shirt to give Jeremy a sophisticated look. I added a pair of wing tip shoes in gray for an unexpected twist on a classic style. The leather jacket is a classic cut and perfect weight for the Florida winter. Each piece can be worn separately with black or brown slacks, or with jeans for a more casual look.”

JEREMY’S TAKE “I would never have found this outfit on my own. It is great for special occasions and made me feel more professional, inspiring more confidence in those around me. It was a great experience to step out of my comfort zone.”

WHERE TO BUY Martin Freeman trousers, $225, cashmere sweater, $225, Martin Freeman dress shirt, $195, Martin Freeman Britalia Collection, all sold exclusively at Martin Freeman Clothiers; Murano leather jacket, $495, Cole Haan wing tip shoes, $119, both from Dillard’s.



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