Global Breakfasts

Around the World in 5 Bites

Eat your way around the globe without leaving town.

By Cooper Levey-Baker January 25, 2016 Published in the February 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Lolita Tartine in the Rosemary District produces savory and sweet crêpes that make for a great wake-up. The deep earthiness of the restaurant’s mushroom crêpe is balanced with acid from tomatoes and sugar from sautéed onions. 1419 Fifth St., (941) 952-3172


At European Restaurant and Deli, your eyes will open wide with a Hungarian breakfast sandwich featuring slices of dry Pick salami, wedges of hard-boiled egg and a spicy paprika spread. 2805 Proctor Road, (941) 922-1221


At Fresh Start Cafe, try a bureka—hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and plenty of black pepper, stuffed inside a delicate envelope of dough and served with tahini. Also delicious: the shakshuka, eggs poached in tomato sauce. 630 S. Orange Ave., (941) 373-1242


Served only on Saturdays, Oriental Food & Giftsbibimbap blends rice, shredded veggies and other flavorful ingredients, topped by an egg that is quickly broken apart, coating the whole bowl in unctuous yolk. 2212 Gulf Gate Drive, (941) 924-8066


The basics of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s breakfast tacos: bacon, cheese and eggs, and you can add potatoes, chorizo or even shrimp—all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. Drizzle on some hot sauce, and your day is looking up. 2515 University Parkway, (941) 822-8933

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