Cheesecake Factory Opens at Mall at University Town Center

Chef Judi gets the dish on the Sarasota's new Cheesecake Factory at the Mall at University Town Center.

By Judi Gallagher October 14, 2014

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Well, it is almost here--the grand opening of the much-anticipated new Mall at University Town Center, with all its dining options. While I will have to wait until I return from my European travels to see all of it, I did get a sneak preview of the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday. Yup, it is big--and boy, there is a lot of cheesecake.

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Since the menus were limited for practice nights, I enjoyed a fresh pineapple mojito and our guests were pleased with the burger--served rare, as requested. And I was pleased that my Luau salad came out with fresh hot grilled chicken, as I'd asked (instead of pre-cooked cold chicken, which I despise)--another plus. Give the servers a few weeks or so to learn the ropes. The Cheesecake Factory is a monster and so are its regular menus.

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I also took a sneak peak at Macy’s and loved having a full-service Starbucks on the bottom floor. Let’s face it, shoe shopping is exhausting, and a tall bold red-eye before hitting the Lancôme counter is a fashionista’s dream.

I'm not giving up a trip to Italy and Paris to taste my way through the mall's restaurants, but will update readers in about two more weeks when I try Capital Grill and Season’s 52. I do promise to keep those blogs coming about small, local restaurants, as well.

Now if we could just get that Jewish deli I am craving. then we really will have grown into quite a city!

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