Sarasota's CornucAUpia Creates Edible Gold

Sarasota-based CornucAUpia creates edible gold and silver flakes, powders and crumbs for desserts, beverages and other edible concoctions.

Photography by January 31, 2014

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What could make this Napoleon from Clasico Café, complete with fresh strawberries and a raspberry coulis, even more delectable? Topping it with edible gold flakes, of course. The flakes are produced by Sarasota-based CornucAUpia, for customers from fusion-influenced chefs to wedding caterers. Owner Denny Fisher says the formula for making these edible 24K toppings took him several years to develop. While CornucAUpia is the only company in the United States that makes the gold and silver flakes, powders and crumbs to adorn desserts, beverages and other concoctions, the art of edible gold actually goes back centuries. Luxurious, yes, but CornucAUpia’s marketing rep, Sonia Thompson, says their mission is to make this indulgence “available for the masses.”

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