Biz Bites: State Street Eating House

By Hannah Wallace Photography by Kathryn Brass November 1, 2012

State Street Eating House: Hand-carved turkey breast with bacon

The Place

State Street Eating House and Cocktails, 1533 State St., Sarasota, (941) 951-1533, The wood-and-sheet-metal “rustic chic” interior, highlighted by canvas mini-curtains and antique-style light bulbs, complements a menu that is both homey and sophisticated. In addition to the open, banquette-lined dining room, the big bar is a popular spot for classic, hand-crafted cocktails.

The People

Main Street shoppers refueling with a burger and a glass of wine; nine-to-fivers hashing out marketing strategies over braised kale and pink-sea-salted French fries.

Time Factor

Definitely a spot to savor. Plan on at least an hour, so you can explore the menu—including an array of dessert specials.

The Food

Good luck making a decision: Dishes span thoughtful takes on classic sandwiches like hand-carved turkey breast with bacon, tomato and iceberg lettuce ($8.75) or house-jarred tuna salad melt with cheddar and smoked paprika ($9.75) to indulgences like baked lobster mac ‘n’ cheese ($13) and real New England clam chowder ($6.75), plus an array of colorful, flavorful salads. And take your pick from the list of creative sides, too, including braised kale ($5.50), buttermilk-soaked onion rings ($5.75) and those incredible hand-cut French fries ($3.75).

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