Good Deal - May 2011

By ericg May 1, 2011

The Place: Whole Foods Market, 1451 First St., Sarasota; (941) 955-8500.

The Fare: We’re zeroing in on one item in one location in this dazzling foodie theme park of a market: cheese pizza.

The Drill: If you’re doing your weekly shopping, you’ll be good and hungry by the time you reach the prepared foods area at the south end of the store. If you’re popping in for lunch, detour past the juice cold case for something wholesome en route.

The Bottom Line: Our pick from among many tasty lunch possibilities, including a food bar, a bountiful cooked food counter and sushi packaged to go, is the pizza that comes from an open-fire oven beginning at about 10:30 each morning. There usually are several varieties, including a super Margherita, but we’re focusing here on the classic cheese slice, glorious in its simplicity: good cheeses, good sauce and admirable crust all kissed by fire. The cheese slice has been “on sale” for as long as I can remember at $1.99, and I’ve probably eaten my weight in them over the past couple of years. If juice is not for you, there’s a coffee bar as well as a case near checkout with individual bottles of beer. Don’t forget to nab some napkins on your way to one of the very agreeable sidewalk tables out front.

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