Hot Dish - November 2010

By Judi Gallagher November 1, 2010


What’s the must-order dish at Libby’s right now?

The baked-to-order Kobe meatloaf, and I really mean baked to order. A big part of what makes this dish so great is not only the tenderness of the Kobe beef, but the cheddar cheese that’s mixed into it.

Why the fried egg on top?

This is a play on ham and eggs, only for dinner. The egg on top adds to the moist texture, especially when you scoop up some sauce, meatloaf and egg all in the same forkful.

The sauce is over the top with zesty flavor. Any secret ingredients you want to reveal?

It’s based on a demi-glace with Chianti, simple and classic. That is very much the tone of all our dishes in the restaurant.

You’ve worked at Devito in South Beach and Boca Raton’s Opus 5, big-name restaurants. What keeps your creativity fueled here?

I read a lot and find dishes that I think fit the concept of what Libby’s is all about and my own personality. I’m enjoying creating approachable comfort food and offering value without sacrificing the best quality.

Any new favorite ingredient?

Mote Marine caviar. We’re so impressed with what they are doing for sustainability, and the caviar is delicious.

Libby’s Café + Bar, 1917 S. Osprey Ave. , (941) 487-7300. Learn more about chef Fran Casciato and Libby’s at Judi’s Foodie’s Notebook blog at


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