Good Deal

By Carol Tisch April 1, 2009


Crêperie Suzette, at 23 N. Lemon Ave. in downtown Sarasota, is the informal café-style sibling of the full-blown Restaurant Suzette (see page 119). While the restaurant serves only dinner and only traditional French production numbers like tatin of foie gras and steak Rossini, the crêperie offers a great variety of less formal dishes at lower prices from 7 in the morning ’til 10 in the evening every day but Monday, with breakfast served ’til 11 in the morning. Choose tables inside or outside, or pull up a stool at the wine bar and sample.

A buttery, flaky croissant fresh from chef/owner Daniel Hulot’s oven, served with French jam, and a cup of excellent dark roast coffee will set you back four bucks. Go hog wild and tuck into classic eggs Benedict topped with the chef’s Hollandaise and served with your choice of fruit, sautéed potatoes or a green salad for twice the price, with several combinations at price points between those extremes.

At lunch or for a light evening meal with or without wine, you can taste snails, a truffled mousse, a salad St. Jacques with sautéed scallops, tomato and sour cream, a savory buckwheat crêpe Seguin with goat cheese and bacon, or even the flambéed crêpes Suzette for much less than you’d spend on dinner. Mes amis, it is, how do you say, the no brainer.

Dial (941) 487-8393 for details.


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