Takeout used to be limited to a few tired options: pizza, Chinese, subs. But with the advent of online ordering, universal delivery apps and fast-casual restaurants that cater to diners on the go, your takeout choices today are limitless. For our first guide to the region’s best takeout, we surveyed this new landscape, scoping out your best bets for top-flight takeout. We also looked at how takeout and delivery are changing the restaurant industry and offer tips on how to cut down on the waste associated with takeout. Snuggle up on the couch, grab a container and a fork, and dig in.

In This Feature:

10 Can't-Miss Takeout Meals

When we’re too lazy to fix dinner, these are the to-go feasts we turn to most often.

07/01/2019 By Cooper Levey-Baker

How Food Delivery Apps Are Changing the Economics of the Restaurant Business

Today, Bite Squad works with more than 170 area restaurants.

07/01/2019 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Five Products That Reduce Takeout Trash

Eco-conscious consumers are even bringing their own utensils to the table.

07/01/2019 By Cooper Levey-Baker