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Editors' Picks: The Best New Restaurants, Shops, Arts Experiences and More in Sarasota

When the coronavirus pandemic is over, our editors have chosen the places you've got to visit. We're counting on them pulling through.


Readers' Choice: Best Global Restaurants

Our readers voted for their favorite spots for Thai, sushi, pizza and more.


Readers' Choice: Best Neighborhood Joints

From Lakewood Ranch to Venice, here are our readers' votes for their favorite neighborhood restaurants.


Readers' Choice: Best Drinks and Bars

Quench your thirst at our readers' favorite bars.


Readers’ Choice: Best Breakfasts, Brunches and Lunches

Our readers pick their favorite spots to start the day or grab a midday meal.


Readers’ Choice: Best Seafood

In the mood for fresh fish? Check out any one of these reader-approved choices.


Readers’ Choice: Best Steaks, Burgers and Barbecue

Beef up your meals with our readers' favorite protein-packed options.


Readers’ Choice: Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Our readers' picks remind us how delicious and healthy plant-based eating can be.


Readers’ Choice: Best Desserts, Bakeries and Sweet Spots

Our readers' favorite places to indulge a sweet tooth.


Readers’ Choice: Best Date Night and Special Occasion Restaurants

Our readers share their favorite places to dine when you want a special treat on a big night out.


Readers’ Choice: Best Specialty Grocery Stores

Need a hard-to-find ingredient or some expertly prepared pre-portioned meals? Our readers share where to find them.


Readers’ Choice: Best Food Trucks

You can find creative cuisine—from tacos to tahini—at Sarasota food trucks. Here are our readers' favorites.


Readers’ Choice: Best Kids’ Menu

These dishes for little ones get the thumbs-up from our readers.


Readers’ Choice: Best Arts & Entertainment

Our readers share their picks for organizations that inspire creativity


Readers’ Choice: Best Landscaping Services

These companies will make your lawn the star of your home.


Readers’ Choice: Best Retirement Communities

You’ll feel forever young in these reader-approved communities.


Readers’ Choice: Best Home Health Care

Trust these reader-approved services to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.