Biz(941) Sept./Oct. 2014

By Chelsey Lucas August 29, 2014

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People to Watch

Biz(941) presents the 20 innovators who are changing our world in sports, retail, health, real estate and more. Cover photo by Matt Holler

Boom Redux

Meet the developers responsible for downtown Sarasota's new building frenzy.

Service Rules

What supermarket giant Publix can teach us little guys.

Measure Your Value

Steve Rothschild's advice to nonprofits: Start thinking like a for-profit.


From the Editor

Bright lights, big business.


Erika Pope-Gusev, toy developer

Biz Rules

Workplace bullying

Biz Makeover

Cathleen Swackhammer, recent USF graduate

How's Biz?

Sandy Ramsey, Tim Brown and Barry Rainwater

Five Questions

Nelleke van Lindonk, co-founder and director of PINC

Biz Bites

The Savory Street International Cafe and Bakery

What I've Learned

Walter Aspatore

Education Report

Student enrollment and economic impact expand at the Lifelong Learning Academy.

Financial Intelligence

If you're making a profit but running out of money, here's how you fix it.

Off the Clock

Realtor Andrews Bers advocates for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

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