January 2014

By Beau Denton January 6, 2014

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The 2014 Unity Awards

Meet the nine people and companies championing diversity in the workplace.

Second Acts

Forget retirement; baby boomers are entering a new entrepreneurial life phase, the "encore."

Hotel Check-In

A new generation of technology is transforming the hospitality industry.

The Body Business

The region's fitness industry is pumped up and growing.



From the Editor

Celebrating unity.


Branden Roberts, founder of Logic Lures.

Biz Rules

The new LLC law.

Biz Makeover

Jeremy Lepper, account executive at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design.

How's Biz?

Wendy Getchell, John Smithman and Janene Witham.


Business events for January 2014.

Biz Bites

Louies Modern on Palm Avenue.

What I've Learned

Anne Folsom Smith reflects on 30 years in the interior design biz.

Ask the Boss

Linda DiGabriele of the Asolo Repertory Theatre.

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