November/December 2013

By Beau Denton November 4, 2013

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The 941 Progress Report

Economic indicators point to an economy on the upswing.

Sunshine, Low Taxes—and I'm Happier Here

Why entrepreneurs love our region.

The Next 10 Years

Population trends to watch.

Keeping Up with Cuba

Will you take advantage of the island's economic reform?



From the Editor

Why We Thrive.


Seth Freedman, founder of IntelligentM.

Biz Rules

Using Interns—legally.

Biz Makeover

Missy Mulloy, freelance producer at InterMedia Productions.

How's Biz?

Andy Stultz, Paul Nevins and Scott Brann.


Business events for November and December.

Biz Bites

Louies Modern on Palm Avenue.

Fast Track

Movers, shakers and headline makers.

Ask the Boss

Mike Pachota, co-owner of Sharky's on the Pier.

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