Urbanite Theatre Announces Its 11th Season Lineup

In addition to three regional premieres and the world premiere of a new work, the 2024-2025 season includes the return of the Modern Works Festival.

By Staff July 3, 2024

Downtown Sarasota's Urbanite Theatre

Downtown Sarasota's Urbanite Theatre has announced its 2024-2025 season lineup, a program that includes three regional premieres and the world premiere of a new work.

"Welcome to season 11," Urbanite Theatre artistic director Summer Wallace wrote in an email. "From the relentless demands of caregiving to adrenaline-pumping solitude and profound human connection, the remarkable stories of Season 11 will stretch the boundaries of what great theatre can accomplish."

In addition to its mainstage performances, Urbanite's Modern Works Festival returns in September, featuring a playwriting contest, reading festival and a celebration of women in theater that culminates in an audience roundtable discussion. 

Here's a look at the season. 

Modern Works Festival

September 4-8, 2024

This playwriting contest includes a reading festival and the opportunity for passholders to vote on their favorite of three plays.

Jennifer Who Is Leaving

October 18-Dec. 1, 2024

Set in a lonely Dunkin' Donuts alongside a Massachusetts highway, this play poignantly and humorously captures the demands placed on women, delving into the physical, emotional and mental toll of caregiving and the moments that push women to the edge.


Jan. 3-Feb. 16, 2025

Spaceman is a full-sensory, surround-sound exploration of the challenges of space travel and the uncharted future that awaits astronaut Molly Jennis during her solo expedition to Mars.

No One Is Forgotten

March 21-April 27, 2025

Inspired by true accounts of captured and detained journalists and aid workers, No One Is Forgotten is a story about intimacy, surrender and the will to live for someone else. 

From 145th to 98th Street

May 30-June 29, 2025

A riveting drama that captures the Curtly family’s struggles and triumphs, From 145th to 98th Street chronicles a family’s challenge to reconcile what they each want and what they think is best for each other. 

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