May 20 was not an average Saturday at Selby Public Library, where more than 300 cosplayers showed up to participate in SRQ Con, the library's annual pop culture convention.

The day began with a discussion on the history of fan works with Sarasota's Nienna Nir, an award-winning cosplayer, fan fiction author and guild master for Tampa Bay Area Cosplayers and Costumers. Following that was a bellydancing workshop led by The Shimmy Boom Tribe and cosplay creation with Bec the Noir (a body-positive cosplay artist). South Florida sci-fi writer Yo Jeff was there too, leading the talk "Comics Are Not Just for Kids."

Other activities were ongoing throughout the day. Upstairs, participants entered Mysterium escape rooms while downstairs they found silkscreening workshops, kids' crafts, a shield design station and a cosplay repair station.

The costume competitions were categorized by youth, teen and adult, as well as a fan favorite voted on by attendees. All winners received a medal and a gift card from Barnes & Noble.

In the youth category, first place went to Damon cosplaying Harry Potter on Buckbeak. In the teen category, a double entry won first place and included a short skit with Sophia cosplaying I Dream of Jeannie and another teen cosplaying Major Nelson. The first place in the adults entry was Danielle, who created an original character called The Storyteller. The first-place fan favorite was Levi cosplaying Sith Lord Onie, a self-created character born from a mixture of Star Wars and Japanese mythology.

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