When Will the Shows Go on?

Van Wezel Makes Changes to Upcoming Broadway Series Season

Restrictions due to COVID-19 continue to affect Broadway touring production schedules.

By Kay Kipling June 11, 2020

The touring production of the musical Come From Away has been rescheduled for the second time at the Van Wezel.

Changes to upcoming arts and culture seasons continue to be announced due to circumstances related to COVID-19 restrictions. One of the most recent: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall has needed to revise its timetable for Broadway touring shows.

While the theater still plans to reopen with concerts and other events in October 2020 (conditions permitting), the Broadway series will not now commence until January 2021. In a press release, the hall announced that as Broadway’s intermission has been extended, delays in launching Broadway tours have been affected, too. Since tours require months of preparation including casting and rehearsals, producers must be certain it is safe to do so. Plus, the touring industry depends on the routing of shows between a network of cities around the nation, all of which may have different conditions.

As of right now, one show affected by the changes is the Sarasota premiere of Come From Away (originally set for the past Van Wezel season, then rescheduled to Nov. 24-29, 2020). That production is now slated for Nov. 23-28, 2021.

Jesus Christ Superstar performances that were scheduled to begin Dec. 29, 2020, have been canceled for now, but the hall hopes to reschedule the show sometime in the future.

The hall’s box office will follow up with patrons directly affected by these changes, and future updates can be found at vanwezel.org and the hall’s social media accounts.

The 2020-21 Broadway season as it stands now includes the Sarasota premieres An Officer and a Gentleman (Jan. 5-6), Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Jan. 17), Anastasia (March 23-28), and Blue Man Group (April 12-13). Returning favorites include Jersey Boys (Feb. 26-28), South Pacific (March 29-30), Riverdance: 25th Anniversary Show (April 23-25) and Fiddler on the Roof (April 27-29).

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