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Local Couple Takes Home the Lego Masters Championship

Tyler and Amy Clites scored with their prize-winning creation Wednesday night on the season finale of the Fox TV show.

By Kay Kipling April 16, 2020

Lego Masters judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett, winning couple Amy and Tyler Clites, and show host Will Arnett.

Image: Courtesy FOX

Big congratulations all around to young local couple Tyler and Amy Clites, who triumphed on Wednesday  night’s Lego Masters competition show on Fox, beating out two other teams in the final show of the season to take home the $100,000 prize money, the Lego Masters trophy (built of course, of Legos) and the winning title from the show’s first season.

For Tyler, a lifelong Lego builder, one of the things he’s happiest about from their time on the show is “That as newlyweds, it was very special—but it was also very intimidating. We hadn’t gone through trials or tests before, so it was interesting to see how we dealt with the pressure and the craziness as a couple. I was so happy that we encouraged and helped one another.” Adds Amy, “My greatest goal was to support my husband in his dream…I’m new to the Lego scene, and I just wanted to help him fulfill that dream.”

The couple won with their creative and unique design for “Treasure of the Griffin,” which built on their strengths as creators of characters with an imaginative flair. When the new Legoland resort opens in New York (postponed now until 2021), “Treasure of the Griffin” will be on prominent display there.

Winning creation "Treasure of the Griffin"

Image: Courtesy FOX

In the meantime, the couple has more to celebrate than the championship. As was revealed in the final episode, they are expecting a child—something family members only found out when they visited the set during taping of the last show. “We did not expect to tell them on national TV,” says Amy, “but while taping we were away from them for months,” so that’s how it worked out.

The prize money will come in handy to help Tyler and Amy buy their first home, somewhere in Manatee County, where Amy grew up. And as for that baby builder on board, he (yes, a boy) is due in July, and the couple definitely intends to raise a Lego fan. “We’re planning on having family Lego nights,” says Tyler. “Lego building is something that adults, kids and teens can all do together.”

Amy and Tyler posing proudly with their trophy.

Image: Courtesy FOX


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