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It's Not Too Late For Kids To Join World's Largest Zombie Movie

A local family has partnered with the Sarasota Film Festival to create an online experience for kids stuck at home.

By Allison Forsyth April 23, 2020

Felix Ratner posing for The World's Largest Zombie Movie.

If your kids are getting bored at home, it is not too late for them to join the World's Largest Zombie Movie, in partnership with the Sarasota Film Festival. This project involves the making of an epic zombie movie by kids, for kids. Ages K-12 are eligible to register and are given weekly script and filming instructions which they can easily film at home. Utilizing homemade materials and props, kids can film clips on any available devices and can record conversations over Skype, Facebook, Instagram and more. Founders of the project Paul and Petra Ratner will edit the footage alongside a team of editors, creating online chapters of the film.

Paul and Petra Ratner are professional filmmakers who have helped organize the Sarasota Film Festival, the Prague Youth Film Festival and Screenlife Contest. But this particular project was inspired by their sons Felix (age 10) and Alfie (age 4). "Our boys came up with the project," says Petra Ratner. "They just really like filmmaking and being part of the process."  

More than 240 participants from 11 countries have submitted footage to the project. Sometimes footage is raw or edited with special effects, however all filmmaking skill levels are welcome. Felix has personally contributed by helping write the scripts, which are sent out as weekly assignments to participants. His most recent task has been writing from the point of view of the zombies. "It's been a lot of fun," says Felix. "Just to have all the ideas for scenes and twists in the story."  

Felix and Alfie Ratner putting on zombie makeup. 

Registration for the next wave of filming ends Friday, April 17, with a new wave beginning Friday, April 24. The film's first chapter will premier online on Friday, May 1. 

"Our goal is to ultimately get as many kids to participate as possible," says Paul Ratner. "Kids are keeping busy, doing their zombie makeup and filming scenes." Most importantly, kids are getting connected and having fun in this time of uncertainty. "It's been a fun project not just for local kids, but for people connecting around the world." 

For more information on the World's Largest Zombie Movie and how to register, click here. Registration for the next wave of filming ends Friday, April 17. 

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