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What We're Watching This Fall

Here's what our editors will be viewing this fall.

By Kay Kipling August 31, 2017

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Dancing with the Stars. It’s nothing short of a Broadway production. Each season features new stars as they begin their dance journey, along with all of the ups and downs they face along the way. The costumes are simply outrageous, and with themes such as Disney and salsa night, this is one show you won’t want to miss. It starts Sept. 18 on ABC.”—Stephanie Isaac, editorial intern

"I’m looking forward to the Major League baseball playoffs and then the World Series, when I plan to be cheering on my beloved Washington Nationals. Go, Nats!”—Ilene Denton, senior editor

“A new show on NBC called A.P. Bio, premiering in October. Glenn Howerton, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, plays a former philosophy professor who’s now teaching A.P. Bio—but really just using his class to get revenge on people he doesn’t like. It looks witty and funny and definitely relatable to a college student like me.”—Ella Melzer, editorial intern

 “The next NBA season officially kicks off on Tuesday, Oct. 17, but these days the show never really stops. The Golden State Warriors won the championship in June. After that came the NBA draft, and after the daft came the annual free agency frenzy and a boatload of big trades, made even more entertaining by a cavalcade of ESPN-hyped Instagram-driven beefs. The league is built for our era, with highlights that can be captured in six seconds or less (RIP Vine) and an intense intimacy that comes from watching the players' faces and reading their lips as they talk trash, coordinate defenses and celebrate. So yes, I'm excited to watch the new season kick off and eager to see my favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs, and my favorite player, Kawhi Leonard, on the court, but, honestly, I've been watching all summer.”—Cooper Levey-Baker, associate editor

"Two shows for me, both on PBS. The first is season 3 of Poldark, bringing back the moody Ross, fiery Demelza, scheming George and other 18th-century Cornwall characters starting Oct. 1. The second is season 2 of The Durrells on Corfu—lots of fun in following the Greek adventures of mother Louisa, writer-son Larry, gun-toting Leslie, man-crazy Margo, and animal lover Gerry. Starts Oct. 15; I can’t wait.”—Kay Kipling, executive editor

"Jane Villanueva is back for a fourth season of mystery, tears, heartbreak and much-needed laughs when Jane the Virgin airs starting Oct. 13 on CW. This show is a master at cliffhangers; it never fails to throw an outrageous plot twist into the mix at the last minute to keep drawing me back to my couch every Friday night. There’s a character for everyone, whether it’s sweet Jane, ridiculous Rogelio, shady Petra and her chaotic twin Anezka, Jane’s virtuous grandmother, Alba, or her not-so-virtuous mother, Ioxmara. Of course there’s also Rafael, Jane’s baby daddy and on-and-off love interest, who’s plagued by his family’s seemingly endless box of secrets.”—Stephanie Hagan, editorial intern

"I've been laughing out loud at the third season of Difficult People, Julie Klausner's show on Hulu. The show stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner, two struggling comedians living in New York City. The pair often engage in questionable behavior and are at times flat-out unlikable, but they're always hilarious. It's also executive-produced by Amy Poehler and guests stars have included Tina Fey, Fred Armisen, Gabourey Sidibe, Martin Short, Amy Sedaris and Lin-Manuel Miranda." —Megan McDonald, digital editor

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