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Hospital Partners With Software Company for Diabetes Care

The eGlycemic Management System will be implemented at Sarasota Memorial Hospital this year.

By Staff November 19, 2020

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System recently selected a new insulin management software to help improve the treatment of patients with diabetes. The eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) is a software developed by the company Glytec, which targets blood glucose ranges in a safe and timely manner. This system will help deliver personalized care for the 30 to 40 percent of U.S. hospital patients requiring insulin during their stay, and will be implemented at Sarasota Memorial this year.

At the center of eGlycemic Management System is the insulin titration software called the Glucommander. This software has been used in about 300 United States hospitals, and has proven to reduce low blood sugar by 99.8 percent, readmissions by 36 to 68 percent and length of hospital stay up to 3.2 days.

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