While most of us have been hunkering down at home for the past few months due to Covid-19, intrepid traveler and photographer Cliff Roles took off bravely for one of his walkabout tours, this time on his native continent of Europe. Equipped not only with a camera but with face masks, regular negative Covid tests, and a spirit of adventure, he began his journey in Zagreb, Croatia. He admits this is a very different trip from others he's made internationally. "I've traveled from a country that has currently lost 184,000 souls to a continent that is grieving over 26,000 new cases per day," he told us."Yet people go past me on their day-to-day and smile at me with or without masks. To quote my favorite musical [Hamilton], I feel 'helpless,' but 'I'm not throwing away my shot.'"

We'll share some of his images along the way, from beautiful coastlines to centuries-old buildings, from Zagreb to Montenegro to Vienna and, hopefully, beyond, in the coming days. Here are a few to start our vicarious trip.

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