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What I Wear to Work: David Wyant of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick

This dapper attorney is willing to invest in items that stand the test of time, like leather shoes and bespoke suits.

By Alicia King Robinson December 9, 2016

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Newly engaged, this dapper attorney is willing to invest in items that stand the test of time, like leather shoes and bespoke suits. The Pine View alum sat down with us to discuss his sharp and unique style and how it has evolved.

WHO: David Wyant, 33, attorney at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick 

WHAT I DO: While my legal team focuses primarily on defense work in the financial services industry, the work that currently occupies the majority of my time is the prosecution of class actions. A typical day consists of reading, writing, talking and brainstorming. It's very intellectually rewarding.

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FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE FIRM? The culture. We are a big law firm, but we don’t have a “big city” mentality. The people are what make the firm special.

MY STYLE: My style is completely driven by the fit of the clothing. I will not wear anything that does not fit properly. The fit that I seek is slim and sharp. Ultimately, what drives my style is being a little bit unique within the social conventions of our community and my profession. I believe that how the individual carries the clothes says just as much as the clothes themselves. 

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HOW HAS YOUR STYLE EVOLVED? This is an interesting question; I’ve always devoted a lot of my attention to what I wear. I think that the evolution of my style until recently loosely tracked trends, but I always made a concerted effort to be at least slightly different than the norm. When I was a student living in Memphis, this meant bucking the trend of being just another guy who wears khakis and a button-down shirt with loafers. Given that I am now a professional, I pay a bit more attention to making sure that what I wear is culturally normalized, but I still make a concerted effort to display slight variation to feel unique.

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Even though I appreciate fashion designers as artists, I don’t measure mine (or anyone else’s look) by the name on the tag.

STYLE TIP FOR MEN: I’m going to be cliché and steal a quote because I couldn’t say it better myself: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” – Hardy Amies 

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WHOSe STYLE INSPIRES YOU? Pep Guardiola – Manager of English “football” team Manchester City. In America, we are used to watching NFL coaches wear the NFL’s mandated team gear, be it a polo shirt with their respective team’s logo or a hoodie with the sleeves cut off. When I’ve seen Guardiola on the soccer sideline, I wonder who inserted the fashion model. His trademark European smart-cut suits are impeccable, even when he’s yelling at the referees. That said, anyone can have a proper suit. What sets Guardiola apart is the fact that he will wear sneakers with a suit, or a bright sweater under his jacket.

MY GO-TO ITEMS: Colorful socks and pocket squares. The combinations are endless and I receive more remarks related to these items than any others in my wardrobe. 

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 MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: My 1950 manual Swiss watch, which was given to me by my grandfather, Bob Garner. It’s a classic piece with a lot of sentimental value.

FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN: There are two ways you can find me in the evenings. The first style is really just an extension of my work attire. Often I go to a restaurant or to an after-work function straight from the office. A well-tailored blazer or suit and accompanying pocket square will get you a lot of attention and compliments. Also, people of all ages immediately take you more seriously. I can't tell you how often I get more attention and better service when I’m wearing my office attire than my second evening style, which I would describe as “skate hip.” The high school kids that I coach at Sarasota Crew call me a “hipster” when I dress this way. It usually involves a t-shirt that fits snugly, possibly a flannel or hoodie, flat-front pants and high-top shoes.

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David is wearing a bespoke blazer by R. Douglas Custom Clothier (part of a custom suit designed by David), JCrew chinos, Mizzen+Main button-down shirt (a company started by a Sarasota native), leather belt by Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan shoes, socks by Happy Socks and a pocket square purchased at Nordstrom Rack.

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 A Florida native, Alicia King Robinson is the director of public relations at Sarasota-based ThreeSixOh Public Relations and the blogger behind New Version of You. Her love of fashion and eye for stylish living began at an early age. Meant to inspire, she explores fashion and the evolution and ever-changing versions of ourselves with style-inspired content.

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