Biz(941) April-May 2015

By Chelsey Lucas April 1, 2015

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Where the Jobs Are

What industries have the most openings--and how can we connect worker to employers?

Internship Power

Here's the right way to harness the talent of your interns.

Big Fish

Chris Cogan and his venture capital firm, Seven Holdings, are shaking up the sustainable food industry.

Who's Hispanic?

A demographic expert on why this question matters.

A Night at the YPG

A Brooklyn-based millennial tries to connect in Sarasota.




Dr. Dave Vaughan, executive director, Mote Tropical Research Laboratory

Biz Rules

Protect consumer data or pay the penalty

Biz Makeover

Amy Farrington, director of administration and donor relations, ShelterBox

Biz Bites

Red Clasico, 1341 Main St. in Sarasota

HR Corner

The delicate art of hiring.

Real Estate Reality

Reading the market: Higher interest rates and prices, easier mortgage financing and more inventory lie ahead.

What I've Learned

Insights from newly retired Argus Foundation executive director Kerry Kirschner.

Tourism Beat

Protecting your company's online reputation.

Off the Clock

Attorney Brad Ellis' passion for land conservation

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