Biz(941) January 2015

By Chelsey Lucas December 31, 2014

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Unity Awards

Meet our 2015 champions of diversity.

The Best Financial Advice I Ever Received

Nine money-savvy professionals share tips for success.

Now Try This

How executive coaching furthered three business leaders' careers.



Chris Cantolino, founder/CEO SimGar: The Simple Garden

Biz Rules

Monitoring employee social media

Biz Makeover

Jody Jester, Bridge a Life

The List

Sarasota and Manatee's foreign buyers

Biz Bites

Sarasota's Curry Station

What I've Learned

Jay Vandroff of Yarnall Moving and Storage Solutions

Financial Intelligence

Start the New Year on the right financial foot

Tourism Beat

Airbnb's impact on the regions hotel industry

HR Corner

Solutions for high-employee turnover

Off the Clock

Attorney and international soccer referee Christina Unkel


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